As outbreaks of violence around the world continually remind us, war, terrorism, and the elusiveness of peace are among the deepest problems facing humankind. This is the course weblog for Philosophy 140: Introduction to War, Peace, and Terrorism. It is a place for students to showcase their research into ongoing conflicts, and their views on the morality of war.


The War, Peace, and Terrorism (WPT) program at Winona State University is an interdisciplinary minor drawing on expertise in departments as diverse as Global Studies, History, Humanities, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology. It provides students with an opportunity to study armed conflict and its resolution from artistic, historical, scientific, legal, and moral perspectives.


3 Required

War, Peace, and Terrorism ...  PHIL 140
The Just War Tradition ...  PHIL 340
Political Sociology ...  SOC 430

3 Electives

Introduction to Global Studies ...  GS 200
Approaches to Film: The War Film ...  HUM 140
Politics and Violence ...  POLS 201
Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism ...  POLS 225
The Holocaust ...  HIST 335
Topics in History: Terrorism ...  HIST 397
Topics in History: America at War ...  HIST 398
French Revolution and Napoleon ...  HIST 412
Hitler and Nazi Germany ...  HIST 417
America in the Vietnam War Era ...  HIST 447
World War II ...  HIST 440
The Civil War and Reconstruction  ...  HIST 479